Monday, 28 November 2016

Scottish Book Week

Scottish book week was lots of fun in Primary 1!
 We loved dressing as our favourite characters.
 The Shark in the Park was one of the stories from our Bookbug bags this year .

So many super characters.
  The sun was shining for our walk to Renfrew library.

We had a little time to browse the shelves.

  Primary 1 love looking at books. We can use our 'sharp eye' to examine the pictures and work out some clues about the story.

 Jamie read us some stories.
We had lots of fun. Thank you to all of the staff for making us so welcome.
We voted for our favourite story on Friday morning, yes, Shark in the Park.
We also took our Bookbug bags, with all three books inside, home to keep forever!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Welcoming a baby

As part of our Religious and Moral Education topic, Welcoming a baby, we had a visit to our class from Mr and Mrs Hawthorn. They helped us to think carefully about all of the things that babies need and how we prepare for and care for them.

We also went for a visit to Trinity Church where Mr Steell talked to us about how babies are welcomed into the church community.

He was kind enough to tell us all about the pulpit, the communion table, the baptismal font and the lectern.
He even let us explore the church.   

 You can see from the pictures how much fun we had.

After our visit we  wrote a letter to thank Mr Steell for allowing us to look around the church and to tell him what we had enjoyed most.

 Here are a few examples of the children's letters.

Halloween Fun

Primary 1d had a fabulous time at their first ever school disco.
It was very tricky to recognise the boys and girls as they were in disguise!
Just look at the fantastic costumes.


 We also enjoyed an activity session with the YMCA.

We were able to take part in a variety of games and tasks.

The musical instruments were extremely popular ... and noisy!
 We loved the face painting too.