Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Book Week

We had a fabulous time during book week in school. So many fun activities !

We walked to the library, read lots of stories, and even got to dress up as our favourite
book characters.

 We had bookbug sessions as a class and with the rest of Primary 1. Some of our family members came to join in too!

 We  had a visit from the library staff too and they gave us our library cards.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Visit to Trinity Church

As part of our Religious and Moral Education topic, Welcoming a baby, we had a visit to Trinity church.

We enjoyed the walk, despite the sometimes inclement weather.

It was also a good opportunity to point out some of the local features and seasonal changes occurring. 
Mr Steell met us at the gate and invited us in.

He talked to us about how babies are welcomed into the church community.

He told us about some of the things that are in the church, such as the pulpit

The lectern was a little hard to reach.

We loved going upstairs for a look around.
We had so much fun exploring the church.
We really liked the stained glass windows in the church. 
We made our own stained glass windows in school. We think that they look fantastic on our class window.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

We love our buddies!!!

The boys and girls in room 4 love spending time with their primary 7 buddies.

They were a great support when we first started school.
They helped us to settle into the routines of school life.
It is always good to see their friendly faces.

They are role models for us and we are always happy to see them around the school. 

Sunday, 5 February 2017

World of Work update

  We have had even more visitors for World of Work.

  Nurse Alison told us all about being a nurse and about the skills needed in this job.

She let us try on a nurses uniform.

  We loved the stethoscope!

Andrew is our Active Schools Coordinator.

  After telling us a little about his job, he showed us some fun games to keep us healthy and active.

  We would enjoy playing these to warm up at gym.

  It was lots of fun.

We had some more Police visit.
This time they brought a Police car with them.
It looked different to the Police cars we are used to.

It still had a siren and blue lights.

We loved hearing the siren, it was so loud!

We think that the Police are very friendly and helpful.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

World of Work Week

World of work week has been great fun.
We had a talk from our local Police Constables, Kevin and Reece.
They told us all about their jobs and showed us some of the equipment they use.
We even got to try some out.

Brian and Liz came to speak to us about their jobs but they also told us about previous careers.

It was funny when Brian was describing how he would get the bridegroom ready for his big day!

  Bari from Braehead Clan came to tell us about being a professional ice hockey player.

 Everyone wanted to volunteer to try out some of his gear for size.......

......just a little bit too big!
 I think we have a few Clan fans in Primary 1!